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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kali Puja Of Bhawanipur Mitra Bari

After the war of Plassey, to pave the way of construction of new fort (Fort William), the inhabitants of the then Gobindapur (now Kolkata) were been rehabilitated to various areas of Kolkata. The head of this family - Ramgobinda Mitra was Diwan of Nawab Siraj-ud-doula. He was one of the resident of Gobindapur. During the rehabilitation, he constructed his new house (ভদ্রাসন) at 26, Chakraberia Road of Bhawanipur and had started puja of goddess Kali and Durga at 'thakur dalan' (ঠাকুরদালান) of his new house. It was the middle of nineteenth century. The house was called 'Bhawanipur old Mitra Bari' as there were more Mitra families. The original house (ভদ্রাসন) of Mitra family at Bhawanipur was divided among the members in course of time. Now, the main 'thakur dalan' (ঠাকুরদালান) of 26, Chakraberia Road is not in shape as it was in old time - the four arches (খিলান) out of five were broken gradually and now the puja's are performed at the only 'thakur dalan' (ঠাকুরদালান). Coconut water is being offered to the goddess and among solid items there are luchi (লুচি), salt (লবণ), 5 fried items and sweets.

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