Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Goddess Kali At House Of Ramdulal De Of Beadon Street

                Ramdulal De - the foremost businessman of nineteenth century, started his life in the house of Madan Mohan Dutta of Hatkhola as 'Bill Sarkar', and after 'Ship Sarkar'. Sarkar was his title. His paternal house was at the village Rekjani of 24-Pgs. He lost his parents in childhood and came to Calcutta with his grandmother. Adult Ramdulal accepted the job of ship business manager of Madan Mohan Dutta. Once, he bought a sinked ship by himself and earned rupees one lakh. But he handed over the entire amount to his employer Madan Mohan Dutta. Mr. Dutta was very pleased to see his honesty and returned the whole amount to Ramdulal. He advised Ramdulal to start a new business of his own. Ramdulal started worshipping various god and goddesses at his own residence of 67E, Beadon Street. It was the last part of nineteenth century. On the day of Kali Puja, the episode of "অলক্ষী বিদায়" is use to run in front of their house-god Sridhar Jiu. They worship goddess Kali in 'Vaishnab' way. Pumpkin is the only thing use to sacrifice here on the day of Kali Puja. They are non-brahmin, so there are no offerings of 'annabhog' (অন্নভোগ) - only luchi, sweets and 5 fries they offer to goddess Kali. The priests welcome (বরণ) the goddess here.

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