Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Theme Puja Of Keshtapur Prafulla Kanan Pashchim Adhibasibrinda

Theme-maker Rupchand Kundu (in the picture at his studio) is now busy
to create the theme of 12th year's Durga Puja of Keshtapur Prafulla
Kanan Pashchim Adhibasibrinda. Their theme of 2014 is "In Search Of
Root" (শিকড়ের সন্ধানে). The root of mankind is remained in Nature, but
being crushed in the grinder of mechanism - forgot about his root, his
peace, his happiness. Rupchand Kundu has picked the theme to inform us
about the root. The puja committee has started the pandal about 5
months ago. Surrounded pulls and bushes helped them to create perfect
theme. Plantation of trees has started already there for this purpose.
The image of Ma Durga will emerge from the root and will disappear
within that root. The root has vivid hues - sometimes magical,
sometimes furious, and sometimes mysterious. The elements of pandals
are wood, clay and root. The idol of Debi Durga would be made of wood.
The colour 'Green' will be used in the pandal effectively.

A. B.

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