Monday, August 11, 2014

Durga Puja 50 Days To Go

The painted clay idols of Debi Durga are wrapped in plastic sheets
top to bottom. Extra cover of plastic sheets are also being used to
save the clay idols from rain inside the tile-rooms of Kumortuli.
Even, in front of veranda, long veil is being used.

It is the monsoon season and occasional rain wet Kolkata regularly.
So, the clay artists are facing difficulties to prepare the images of
Debi Durga. Hence, they're now dependent on plastic sheets.

It is time to paint the idols as Durga Puja is 50 days to go. And
once the idols are painted, they should be kept dry at any cost. If
the idols are come in touch of water, not only the paints damage, the
whole idol may be cancelled. Therefore, the artists of Kumortuli are
painting the idols by adopting special care.

A. B.

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