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Sunday, July 21, 2013

500 Year's Old Nimai Tirtha Ghat - Reminiscences Of Sri Chaitannya Deb

It says that Nimai Sri Chaitannya Deb once came to district Hooghly
for the pilgrimage of Tarakeswar. So he bathed in river Ganga on the
bathing ghat of Baidyabati. Then had started his journey to Tarakeswar
on foot. It took about 12 hours to reach Tarakeswar. Later, the
bathing ghat was named on him and now known to all as Nimai Tirtha
Ghat. So, the ghat is about 500 year's old. Kabikankan Mukundaram
mentioned this ghat in his mangal kabya, about 400 years ago. Raja
Harishchandra of Seoraphuly constructed Nistarini Mandir and
Bhadrakali Mandir in the year 1827 beside NimaiTirtha Ghat. Since
then, lakhs of pilgrims take bath on river Ganga from this ghat and
take holy water, visit Ma Nistarini and Debi Bhadrakali near, then use
to go for Tarakeswar on foot to pour that Gangajal on the shiblinga of
Baba Taraknath. The pilgrims use to go to Tarakeswar on the month of
Shraban (July-August).
Pic 1) The gate of Nimai Tirtha Ghat;
Pic 2) The pilgrims are taking bath at the said ghat;
Pic 3) The idols of Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitannya Deb at Nimai Tirtha Ghat;
Pic 4) The provision of keeping 'baak' of the pilgrims at the ghat;
Pic 6) Nimai Tirtha Gouriyo Math;
Pic5) Subhtola ghat beside Nimai Tirtha Ghat where Shubh thakur resides;
Pic 7) Bhadrakali mandir of goddess Bhadrakali;
Pic 8) Gateway of Nistarini Mandir;
Pic 9) Nistarini Mandir.

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