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The Poet Nazrul In Kolkata

The poet of Bengal - Kazi Nazrul Islam was born on 25 May, 1899 at a
village of Bardhaman district. But spent major part of his life in
Kolkata. But he had to spent the days here like a nomad. He changed
his residence about 100 times.
At first he came to stay at 71 Kailash Bose Street to get admission in
military. It was the year 1917.
Then in 1920, he came to stay at the mess of 20 Ramkanta Bose Street
fora couple of days.The house is no more there. Instead, Maharaja
Manindra Chandra College is there.
Then Nazrul used to live at 32 College Street (the 2nd pic) - the
house opposite of Kolkata Medical College. Many eminent poets and
writers used to come to this house and the patrika 'Dhumketu' was
first published from this house on 11 August, 1922.
In that year 1920 Nazrul used to live at the house of old 8 Turner
Street (now Nabab Abdur Rahman Street) in Central Kolkata. But that
house has been replaced by a multistoried building.
Nazrul spent a few days at 14/2 Chetla haat Road in 1921. In that year
he stayed at the house of 3/4C, Taltala Road (3rd pic). In that house
the poet has written the famous poem 'Bidrohi' in December, 1921.
In 1922 he used to live at 7 Pratap Chatterjee Lane (4th pic), near
Medical College.
In the year 1924, Kazi Nazrul married Pramila Sengupta at the house of
6 Hazi Lane (5th pic).
In 1928 the poet resided with his wife at 11, Wellesley Street (7th
pic) (now Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road) for a few days.
Then he used to live at 8/1, Pan Bagan Lane (8th pic) of Entally area.
His son Kazi Sabyasachi was born in this house.
In 1930 the poet resided at 50/2/A, Masjid Bari Street of North Kolkata.
In 1931, the poet used to stay at the house of 39, Sitanath Road of
North Kolkata from where Nazrul played the role of Narad in the movie
of Girish Ghosh - 'Dhruba'.
In 1939, the poet shifted to 53G, Hari Ghosh Street of North Kolkata.
He resided here with family for many years. He wrote the famous poem
'Rabi-hara' here on the event of Tagore's demise in 1941.
Since 1942, the poet used to reside at 15/4, Shyambazar Street. But he
fell ill and in 1942 he was admitted to 2, Nator Park Lumbini Mental
Hospital (9th pic). There he stayed for three months.
Later, the sick poet was resided at 16, Rajendralal Street of Maniktala area.
Since 1957-58, the poet used to reside at 156, Manmatha Dutta Road or
Tala which was his youngest son Kazi Aniruddha's house.
Later, in 1963, he used to live with his elder son Kazi Sabyasachi at
his flat of 11, Christopher Road (10th pic). It was situated at east
side of Entally Padmapukur math.
In 1972, Bangabandhu invited him to live in Bangladesh where in 1976,
on 29 August at 9:40 am IST, Kazi Nazrul Islam died.

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