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Friday, March 15, 2013

Spielberg And Kolkata

At the age of 10 :

Steven Spielberg first came in touch with the city Kolkata through the
descriptions by his father. At that time he was only a child of 10.
The second world war was about to end. His father was in the US Army.
He was a technical sergeant and then posted in Karachi. War between
America and Japan was in progress. Remembrance of second world war has
been returned again and again in the films of Spielberg as per the
descriptions of his father. Spielberg used to listen stories of second
world war from his father at childhood. At that time, he knew many
things about Kolkata - the beauty and lifestyle of the city made him

At the age of 25 :

Do you know, at the age of 25, Steven Spielberg came to Kolkata for
the first time with a friend? He stayed here for 10 days at that time
in a Christian family at Park street. Still, he use to recall his tour
as 'fantastic" - visited Park Street, Free School Street and other
places or interests with backpack - just like a tourist. Spielberg
said, before he left for Benaras, he absorbed the beauty, flavour
smell, colour and feelings of the city of joy.

At the age of 40 :

He felt, knew the city again reaching middle age, through the movies
of Satyajit Ray, when Spielberg himself was a renowned film-maker.

At the age of 60 :

Now he is more matured. He knows the pulse of Kolkata. Hence, he
expressed his intention to make a film on Kolkata, about Kolkata. But
denied to disclose his plan. He said, big cities like Kolkata and
Mumbai played vital role in relation to his grow-up from childhood to
maturity. Now it is the time to look back. To re-discover.

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