Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kishore Kumar And Satyajit Ray

Today is the birthday of legendary singer Kishore Kumar, who was
reigning Bollywood film industry
by his unparallel voice during 60s and 70s. He was favourite singer of
Satyajit Ray - the renowned film-maker. Ray
utilised his voice first in the film "Charulata" based on
Rabindranath's novel 'Nashtaneer' with a Rabindrasangeet - 'ami chini
go chini tomare'. And later planned to take Kishore as lead singer of
'Gupi-Bagha' which was not materialised. But utilised his voice later
in the film "Ghare Baire" based on Tagore's novel by the song 'Bidhir
bandhan katbe tumi' which was also a remarkable experience.---
A. B.

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