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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chinese New Year Celebrations In Kolkata

Kids and young lads celebrating Chinese New Year with traditional
fanfare and enthusiasm at Bo Barrack of Kolkata. They are enjoying the
dance of dragons. "Happy Chinese New Year" has been written in English
on the wall of red-green house near Bowbazar thana.

A. B.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rare Honour To A Bengalee

On 3 Januar, 2015, American Historical Association (AHA) honoured a
Bengalee in New York with prestigious "Toynbee Prize" for the year
2014. He is Dipesh Chakrabarty. Named after Arnold J. Toynbee, the
Toynbee Prize Foundation was chartered in 1987 "to contribute to the
development of the social sciences, as defined from a broad historical
view of human society and of human and social problems." Currently, it
is awarded every other year for work that makes a significant
contribution to the study of global history.

Dipesh Chakrabarty was chosen by unanimous consensus by the
Selection Committee of Toynbee Prize in last July acknowledging the
importance and influence of his work.

Dipesh Chakrabarty has taught at Chicago since 1995 and is a
scholar of South-Asian history, postcolonial studies and global
history. Best known for his 2000 volume 'Provincializing Europe', he
has made major contributionsto the historical fields at the core of
the Toynbee Prize Foundation's concerns. Epitomizing the mixture of
breadth and depth that distinguishes major historians, he is currently
at work both on a book project on the implications of the science of
climate change for historical and political thinking as well as two
other future projects on democracy and political thought in South-Asia
and the cultural history of Muslim-Bengalee nationalism. Dipesh
Chakrabarty received his Bsc honours degree from Presidency College,
Kolkata, a postgraduate diploma in Management from the Indian
Institute of Management, Kolkata and a PhD (History) from the
Australian National University.

Earlier recipients of Toynbee Prize are Jean-Paul Sartre, Raymond
Aron, William McNeill, Natalie Zemon Davis etc. But, for the first
time, a Bengalee has achieved this rare honour, who is from Kolkata
too. And so, it is a great honour for the city of joy Kolkata. Not
only that, Dipesh Chakrabarty will deliver Tanner lectures at Yale
University, one on 18th February, 2015 and the other on 20th February,
2015 on the role of human in climate change. Earlier, Umberto Eco,
Amartya Sen etc too delivered prestigious Tanner lectures - 2 rare
honour in the same year, happened for the first time.

A. B.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Saraswati Puja Of Rural Bengal

Saraswati puja 2015 of Naopara, Nalikul, Hooghly.

A. B.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saraswati Puja 2015 In Bengal

1-2) Saraswati puja of 2015 at Roypara, Bandipur, Hooghly.

3-4) Saraswati puja of Patkotala, Tarun Sangha, Bandipur, Hooghly.

5-7) Saraswati puja of Rajakpara, Bandipur, Hooghly.

8-9) Saraswati puja of Bandipur, Hooghly.

10-11) Saraswati puja of Sakal Milan Club, Bandipur, Hooghly.

12-13) Saraswati puja of Bandipur, Hooghly.

14-16) Saraswati puja of Bandipur, Hooghly.

17) Saraswati puja of Acharjee Para, Bandipur, Hooghly.

18-19) Saraswati puja of Dakshinkul Primary School, Nalikul, Hooghly.

20-21) Saraswati puja of Pancha Milani Sangha, Nalikul, Hooghly.

A. B.

Saraswati Puja At School

Saraswati Puja 2015 at Nalikul Deshbandhu Banimandir High School.

A. B.

Saraswati Puja 2015 In Rural Bengal

This morning, I went to a village of Bengal to observe puja of Goddess

A. B.

Saraswati Puja In Rural Bengal

Today is Saraswati puja, the goddess of Learning is being worshipped
in every household. So, I went to a village of Bengal to observe it.
When I was passing a 'para', I noticed Saraswati on the yard of a
house. The arrangements were very minimal - A room for the idol
decorated with sarees, the mother of the kids was cleaning the yard
and a buffalo was remained there with feeds and the 'gola' of paddy
was there right beside the buffalo. I liked the scene very much and
captured it for the readers.

A. B.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Making Of Saraswati Idols At Kumartuli 2015

Today I went to Kumartuli to observe the making of Saraswati Idols by
the famous clay artists there. Saraswati puja is only 14 days to go.
So, the artists of Kumartuli are very busy to prepare idols of Goddess

A. B.