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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bhawanipore Agradut Uday Sangha's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 68th year, theme-maker Gouranga Kuilya is preparing the theme
'Ravan Raj' for Durga puja of Bhawanipore Agradut Uday Sangha. A
gigantic Ravan, 50 ft wide and 30 ft high, will welcome visitors. The
walls would depict various episodes of epic Ramayana.

A. B.

Haridebpur New Sporting Club's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 8th year, Haridebpur New Sporting Club is preparing the puja
mandap by 50 Lakhs buttons.

A. B.

When Uttam Kumar Used To Fly Kites On Vishwakarma Puja

On Vishwakarma puja, Mahanayak Uttam Kumar used to go to the famous
'Salkia House' of late Pulak Bandyopadhyay, the popular lyricist.
Uttam Kumar used to fly kites with Pulak babu and his cousin brothers
on the roof. After the ceremony of flying kites, delicious foods
cooked for him attracted Mahanayak, and he used to enjoy the day in
that house of Howrah. After the lunch, sometimes he used to drive to
go to Topchanchi with relatives of Pulak babu. It was Uttam Kumar's
favourite place.

Pulak babu's elder sister Parul Debi was married to the son of Dwarika
Chakraborty - famous barister of Bhawanipore and Parul Devi's son
Sunil Chakraborty was bosom friend of Uttam Kumar. And by that source,
he used to go to Sunil babu's maternal uncle's home 'Salkia House'
with him. He used to go there on the eve of Vishwakarma puja and his
car was used to packed with kites and 'latai'.

Source: Newspaper

A. B.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kites For Vishwakarma Puja

Tomorrow is Vishwakarma puja, and the day to fly colourful kites.
Tiger and parakeet too...

A. B.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Haridebpur Adarsha Samity's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 64th year, theme-maker Chand Ratan Halder is creating a piece
of "Beautiful Bengal" (রূপসী বাংলা) for Durga puja of Haridebpur
Adarsha Samity. The ground of samity is now simply a piece of rural
Bengal where all the vegetables are growing naturally, all the rural
trees of flowers are spreading fragrances, 12 thatched roof cottages
can be seen. Ma Durga is coming here like a common mother with four
children. Moreover, many fishes can be found here on artificial ponds.
Cattle, duck, poultry birds can be seen in the shades here. At night,
crickets, frogs may call here just like a typical village.

A. B.

Naktala Udayan Sangha's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 28th year, theme-maker Bhabatosh Sutar is making the puja
pandal of Naktala Udayan Sangha. "জীবন তরী" is the theme. By using
three colours on the pandal 'sea' is being created. The idol of Debi
Durga would be of fibre. Symbolic boat will float on the 'sea' there.

A. B.

Nalin Sarkar Street's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

Durga pujo of Nalin Sarkar Street is one of the main attraction of
north Kolkata. On this 82nd year, they're adopting the theme of
mirror. "বোধের দর্পণে বোধন" is the theme where theme-maker Parimal Pal
is making the puja pandal with mirrors.

A. B.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Making Of Chetla Agrani's Durga Idol 2014

Theme-maker Sanatan Dinda is making the idol of goddess Durga for
Chetla Agrani club.

A. B.

Mudiali Club's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 80th year, theme-maker Surendra Nath Surai is creating the
theme "আমরা বাঁচতে সবুজ বাঁচাব" (save life save green) for Durga puja
of Mudiali Club. Seeds of grass, mushrooms, creeps of grass, part of
mehgani fruit, bamboo, wooden batam, cane, wool, chatai of mooli
bamboo, shola, signboards etc would be used to make natural
atmosphere. Big replica of birds are being made by tin, shola. Clay
artist Asit Pal is making the traditional idol of Debi Durga.
Weapons made of brass would be on 10 hands of Durga. Colourful LED
lights will attract the visitors here.

A. B.

Hatibagan Nabin Pally's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 80th year, theme-maker Mahendra Paul is creating the puja
pandal of Hatibagan Nabin Pally by adopting model of aristocrat house
of Bishnupur in Bankura district. For this purpose, 10 thousand
lanterns would be flamed at the mandap, and so, the theme is "হাতে
লন্ঠন করে ঠনঠন"। On this age of electricity, lanterns are neglected,
obsolete; but its traditional values may be promoted. Hence, by
establishing traditional idol and pandal, they want to attract viewers

A. B.

Deshpriyo Park's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

Theme-maker Shubho is creating the theme of Deshpriyo Park by a lotus
- artificial though. The mandap would be revolving. Artists of
Pashchim Medinipur are painting the clothes with various pictures.
Clay artist Sanatan Pal is making the idol.

A. B.

Shyama Pally Shyama Sangha, Jadavpur's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 35th year, Shyama Sangha is adopting the theme of Egyptian art
form - "বর্ণযাত্রা"। Theme-maker Sourajit Banerjee is creating this
colourful theme by the help of bamboo, plywood, wood, cane,
plaster-of-paris, cement, sand, foam, broken pieces of ceramics etc.
Here is the miniature model of their puja pandal.

A. B.

Somnath Temple At Singhi Park?

This year, the puja pandal of Singhi Park is building in the shape of
Somnath Temple, the famous mandir of lord Shiva, situated in Gujarat.

A. B.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Karbagan Sarbojanin's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

"অষ্টলক্ষীর আবির্ভাব" is the theme of Karbagan Sarbojanin. Theme-maker
Tapan Dutta is creating this theme where Debi is not only Durga, but
Laxmi too. 8 thousand key-rings with the image of goddess Laxmi would
be seen here decorating puja pandal. Hats of Asam and farmer's will
also be seen here. Clay artist Swapan Paul is making the idol keeping
in view the traditional form of idol. But the uniqueness is, only two
hands of Debi Durga will hold weapons, but rest of the eight hands
will hold flaming lamps (Pradip).

A. B.

Lalabagan Sarbojanin's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

''কর্ণিক" (trowel) is their main thing to work, they're the mason and
labourers of building construction. Lalabagan Sarbojanin has adopted
the theme of this labourers to pay honour to their profession. Many
trowels are being made to decorate the pandal. Theme-maker Partha
Ranjan Ghosh is making the theme. All the things that masons and other
labourers generally use to make buildings are being made here to
decorate the pandal. The idol of Debi Durga is being made by sand.

A. B.

Patipukur Basak Bagan's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this golden jubillee year, theme-maker Anirban Das is creating
'রংবাজি' theme for Patipukur Basak Bagan Sarbojanin Durgotsab
Committee. Various firecrackers, wooden and clay dolls will decorate
the puja pandal. Diwali dolls of Medinipur as seen in the picture,
would be seen at the puja mandap. Iron, wood, bamboo, wooden dolls,
colour, Pat-Chitra, fibre are being used to make pandals. At the
entrance, you can be seen Ravan's image, then the walls would be
decorated by Diwali dolls holding lamps. Replica of various
firecrackers will welcome the viewers. The main mandap would be in the
shape of 'Oiravat' - the elephant of Heaven. 40 thousand lamps will
shape 30 ft high elephant. Clay artist Naba Paul is making the
traditional idol of Debi Durga.

A. B.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pallymangal Samity's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 55th year "মাতৃরূপেণ" is the theme of Pallymangal Samity,
Anwar Shah Road. At their Taltala ground, Theme-maker Samar Halder is
making the puja pandal in such a way that, the 'mother' form of
goddess Durga may expose by the special atmosphere to be created. The
elements of puja i.e. ghot, shankh, bells, lamps etc are being made by
pieces of bamboos, shola, clay, wood, iron, clothes etc. The main
mandap would be in the shape of 'gola' of paddy. The clay idol of Debi
Durga will be mainly traditional but would be represented as Mahalaxmi

A. B.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hatkhola Gosainpara Sarbojanin's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

'Tipni' industry or 'tepa' doll was the traditional clay culture,
rural cottage industry of south 24-Parganas.
Once upon a time, mothers used to solace childrens with these 'tepa'
dolls. Hatkhola Gosainpara Sarbojanin is trying to bring back those
days by adopting this theme. Thousands of black & white 'tepa' dolls
would be used to decorate the puja pandal. The puja mandap will be in
a form of thatched house as seen in remote villages. The idol of Debi
Durga will be made of clay, but the speciality is, two hands of Debi
Durga will hold weapons, but rest of the hands would be in the shape
of 'tepa' dolls.
A. B.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sovabazar 9er Pally's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

A piece of Nagaland would be seen at the puja mandap of Sovabazar 9er
Pally. Theme-maker Debabrata Sinha ans Indrajit Roy are making a small
village of Nagaland where the ancient culture and traditions of Naga
tribes would give the puja pandal a different look. Naga tribes
usually decorate their houses by big heads of buffaloes. And they
believe in God. 'Totem' is their God. They decorate their body and
face with paintings. And sing like Santhals. In fact, it is very rich
theme as a subject, viewers can enjoy it very much.

A. B.

Ajeo Sanghati's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

Many clay lamps (Pradip) would be used at the puja pandal of Ajeo
Sanghati. About 50 thousand lamps will be on the centre of mandap and
Debi Durga would be on the 'pilsuj'. On this 54th year, clay artist
Parimal Paul is making the traditional idol of Debi Durga. Theme-maker
Biswanath Dey.

A. B.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Vivekananda Sporting Club, Lake Town's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 24th year, Theme-maker Indrajit Roy and Debabrata Sinha are
creating the scenes of epic 'Ramayana' for Vivekananda Sporting Club,
Lake Town. Their theme is: Lanka Kando. 'Banar sena' of Sri
Ramchandra will dominate the pandal. No, not real, but artificial.
Soil, dry hay, barks of trees, bamboo would be used to decorate the
pandal. Fluorescent colours will be used in the pandal.

A. B.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thakurpukur Panchanantala SB Park's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

Amalgamation of Rajasthani folk and Bengal's culture would be seen at
the puja mandap of Thakurpukur Panchanantala SB Park. Theme-maker
Biswanath Dey is creating the theme of "story-telling paintings" by
imitating Rajasthan's "Padh" pat chitra. Clay artist Naba Paul of
Kumortuli is making 16 ft wide and 14 ft high clay idol of Debi Durga.
In short, a piece of Rajasthan would be seen here.

A. B.

Bangur Pratirodh Bahini's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

Theme-maker Shakti Sharma is creating the theme "অরণ্যের ডাক" (Aranyer
Daak). At this age of concrete, we've lost the life of soothing
Nature. All became artificial. So, we must response to the call of
Nature to bring back the peace, happiness and love. Atmosphere of
jungle is being created here by making animals with the help of
plastic pipes.

A. B.

Shib Mandir's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

Theme-maker Subodh Roy is creating the theme of Shib Mandir. About 40
artists are making the pandal by wood, plywood, thermocole, cloth etc.
They're creating a boat just like 'মধুকর ডিংগা' of Chand Soudagar.
They're painting portraits in the style of Jamini Roy too. On this
78th year, Shib Mandir adopted the theme "বাণিজ্যে বসতে বাংগালি". The
theme would depict the past glory of Bengalees adopted business and
gained success like Chand Saudagar, Dhanapati, Srimanta and Behari
Dutta. But, the idleness in nature gifted them set back and the
Bengalees lost their past glory. To bring back the past glory, Shib
Mandir has adopted this unique theme.

A. B.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kankurgachi Jubok Brinda's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 83rd year, theme-maker Anirban Das is creating the theme of
Kankurgachi Jubok Brinda's theme Durga puja. The popular 'Rather Mela'
is the theme this year. A real chariot is being made for this purpose.
It would be dragged through a narrow lane of north Kolkata. But all of
them will be created on the puja mandap and it would be a real
pleasure for the visitors.

A. B.