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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hi-tech 3D Durga At Jodhpur Park?

Hi-tech 3D Durga will astonish viewers at Jodhpur Park Sharadiya
Durgotsab Committee's puja. "ত্রিনয়নী" would be worshiped this year
there in the form of 3D. This unique theme is being possible by the
help of 3D printing machine. And the whole thing would be compiled by
CAD-CAM process. CAD means Computer Aided Design and CAM means
Computer Aided Manufacturing. Any form can be achieved by the help of
3D Scalpting Application.

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Dum Dum Park Tarun Dal's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

Handicrafts of bamboo is being adopted by Durga Puja committee of Dum
Dum Park Tarun Dal. This cottage industry is very old and hardly seen
everywhere. "রং-এ বাঁশে জাল বুনি" is the theme and bamboo is the main
element of pandal. Theme-maker Anirban Das is creating this theme.
Large trees, peacocks, sea, coloured fishes, birds, wind-mill etc.
would be made by bamboos. Beautiful colours will welcome visitors
here. The idol of debi Durga will be traditional. Clay artist Parimal
Paul is making the idol. Hence, on this 37th year, Dum Dum Park Tarun
Dal's puja will surely attract viewers, they think.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Devotees At Firingi Kali Bari

Devotees are now visiting Goddess Kali at Firingi Kali Bari of
Bowbazar to worship for this evening.

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Kashi Bose Lane's Theme Durga Puja 2014

On this 77th year, theme-maker Shib Shankar Das is creating the theme
"দেবীর মায়ায়, আলো-ছায়ায়" (seasonal change) for Kashi Bose Lane's Durga
Puja. The diversity of Nature, its vividness, minute changes...
pleasing... would be depicted in the theme. Sumantra Mukhopadhyay is
making the clay idol of Debi Durga. Rajasthani touch would be there on
the idol of Durga.

The puja will start here on the day of Mahalaya. 9 brahmins will read
'Chandi' and would perform 'yagna' (যজ্ঞ). On the day of 'Nabami' 56
items of ''bhog' will be presented to Ma Durga.

Kashi Bose Lane has already bagged about 250 nos. of prizes during
this 77 years. So, they hope, this year also they'd bag several

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Lake Gardens Peoples' Association's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

By installation art, Sri Dipak Ghosh is creating the theme of Lake
Gardens Peoples' Association's Durga Puja this year. He is working for
them for continuous 13 years. It is their pre-diamond jubillee year.
Dipak Ghosh is a renowned magician of thermocole. This year, his theme
is "ওঁ অগ্ন্যায় স্বাহা"। Agni or fire is the God of rituals perform
with fire (যজ্ঞ). And he conveys the presentations in ritual to heaven
- it is the faith of Hindus. In spite of 'Agni's ferocious image, he
is inevitable for common man. Agni is unavoidable for auspicious
and it has the power to cure diseases by remaining into the stomach.
Theme-maker Dipak Ghosh earlier created replica of Dilwara temple for
Jodhpur Park, Jaisalmer's Ludhruba temple for Lake Town
Adhibasibrinda, Tridhara Sammilani's "at the land of Rajasthan",
Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh for Suruchi Sangha etc.

Asis Ghosh - the artist from Shantiniketan is creating the idol of
Debi Durga at Bardhaman. The entire mandap will be created on the
basis of iron structure. The main elements are plywood, wooden batam
etc. Sri Dinesh Poddar will create the LED lamps lightings. On
entering the pandal, the visitors will hear the 'mantras' in prayer to
Agni. The tune of theme song, mysterious magic of LED lamps, crafts of
plywood - all the aspects will surely attract the viewers, they think.
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Dum Dum Park Jubok Brinda's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 48th year of Durga Puja, Dum Dum Park Jubok Brinda has
adopting the theme "আনন্দ যখন শক্তিময়" - after the killing of
ill-image, auspicious moments emerge. Before entering into the pandal,
the usual image of demon-killer Debi Durga will expose, and in the
main pandal, the peaceful image of Ma Durga would be seen. Flowers and
green plants will decorate the surroundings of puja mandap.
Thermocole, foam etc would be the elements of pandal.The paint boxes,
wooden batam, broken glasses would be used to decorate pandals.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Santoshpur Lake Pally's Theme Of 2014 Durga Puja

On this 57th year's Durga Puja, Santoshpur Lake Pally is adopting a
theme: "তিন ভাগ জল, এক ভাগ স্থল"। They've taken the venture to
decorate pandal by about 20 Lakhs transparent plastic glasses and huge
amount of costly seashells/oyster imported from foreign countries like
Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and from Rameswaram and
Kanya Kumari of India. Moreover, wool and fibre of vivid colour would
be used to decorate the pandal. তিভাভাস্থ

Sanjib Saha is the Theme-maker.

The pandal would be designed as wave would be of plastic
glasses, the other would be of wools, 3D effects would be there in the
pandals. The feelings of under water scenes of sea would be the main
attraction of this puja pandal. Parimal Pal of Kumortuli is the clay
artist. The ornaments of Debi Durga will be decorated by Sanjib Saha.
Precious pearls and oysters would be used to adorne Debi Durga.
Moreover, a pavilion would be there to exhibit hundreds of
oysters/seashells of rare species. In short, it would be a unique
experience to visit Santoshpur Lake Pally's Durga Puja this year.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Kolkata Should Be Heritage City

Kolkata was the first capital of India during British Raj.
Archaeological Survey Of India maintains many century-old monuments of
the city like Asiatic Society, St. John's Church (Job Charnock's tomb
is here), Metcalf Hall, Clive House, Portuguese Church at Ezra Street,
the church for Jews at Brabourne Road, Bethel Synagogue and some other
churches of Kolkata. In addition, they repaired Victoria Memorial,
National Library and Jorasanko Thakurbari already. Hence, Kolkata
should be declared as 'Heritage City'.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Theme Puja Of Keshtapur Prafulla Kanan Pashchim Adhibasibrinda

Theme-maker Rupchand Kundu (in the picture at his studio) is now busy
to create the theme of 12th year's Durga Puja of Keshtapur Prafulla
Kanan Pashchim Adhibasibrinda. Their theme of 2014 is "In Search Of
Root" (শিকড়ের সন্ধানে). The root of mankind is remained in Nature, but
being crushed in the grinder of mechanism - forgot about his root, his
peace, his happiness. Rupchand Kundu has picked the theme to inform us
about the root. The puja committee has started the pandal about 5
months ago. Surrounded pulls and bushes helped them to create perfect
theme. Plantation of trees has started already there for this purpose.
The image of Ma Durga will emerge from the root and will disappear
within that root. The root has vivid hues - sometimes magical,
sometimes furious, and sometimes mysterious. The elements of pandals
are wood, clay and root. The idol of Debi Durga would be made of wood.
The colour 'Green' will be used in the pandal effectively.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rains And Durga Puja

Ma Durga will come this year by boat. Hence, the Bengal would flourish
with crops. But, the weather office is warning us that during the
festival of Durga Puja, Bengal would have to face rains heavily.
Monsoon has come late. So, it would leave us lately. And, 10th
October, the usual date of monsoon to say 'good bye' to Bengal fall
after the puja. Therefore, the organisers of Durga Puja in Kolkata
are going to prepare puja pandals in such a manner that it would
combat rains. Some puja committees are taking 'water' as their theme
and some utilising a few elements in such way that the pandals will
"flourish" during rains and its beauty would reveal to all.

So, don't worry, prepare yourself to hop pandals and determine your
favourite Puja pandals, select the best Durga in your opinion, and
inform it at

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Monday, August 18, 2014

'Badshahi Aangti' - A Film By Sandip Ray In Progress

Satyajit Ray shoot the long scene of train by creating a fake train
(the credit goes to art director Bangshi Chandra Gupta) for the film
"Nayak". Sandip Ray too adopted a fake train to shoot scenes of his
telefilm "Bakso Rahasya". But, this time, for the shooting of his new
feature film "Badshahi Aangti' Sandip Ray has taken the help of a real
train at Chitpur Rail Yard. Recently, some important scenes of this
film shoot inside a rail compartment there. "Baba Pabitrananda Swami"
of the story of this film boarded on the train with his followers. He
was in the same coach where Feluda (Aabir Chatterjee), Topse (Sourav),
Father of Topse (Dipankar Dey) and Mr. Srivastav (Bharat Kaul) were
present. It was Doon express and the train was suppose to go to
Hardwar from Lucknow. Fake sanyasi, real sanyasi, mysterious attache
case, the threat by the chit written "খুব হুঁশিয়ার", the missing of
Aurangzeb's ring - all the incidents made the journey more thrilling.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Janmashtami 2014 In Bengal

Today is Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, being celebrated
accross the country with joy and happiness. In West Bengal,
Janmashtami is being celebrated by fasting and worship of lord Krishna
until midnight. Purana Pravachana from the Bhagavata Purana are
recited from the 10th Skandha. This section deals with pastimes of
Krishna. The next day is called "Nanda Utsav" or the joyous
celebration of Krishna's foster parents Nanda and Yashoda. On this
day, people break their fast and offer various cooked sweets during
the early hours.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

129th Death Anniversary Of Thakur Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Thakur Sri Sri Ramakrishna was died at the age of 50 on 16 August,
1886 in Kolkata. This auspicious day is being observed with due
reverence, love and respect.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Celebration Of 68th Independence Day Of India

Today is 68th Independence day of India. After the national flag
hoisting ceremony, the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra
Modi is now addressing the nation from Red Fort, New Delhi.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Durga Puja 50 Days To Go

The painted clay idols of Debi Durga are wrapped in plastic sheets
top to bottom. Extra cover of plastic sheets are also being used to
save the clay idols from rain inside the tile-rooms of Kumortuli.
Even, in front of veranda, long veil is being used.

It is the monsoon season and occasional rain wet Kolkata regularly.
So, the clay artists are facing difficulties to prepare the images of
Debi Durga. Hence, they're now dependent on plastic sheets.

It is time to paint the idols as Durga Puja is 50 days to go. And
once the idols are painted, they should be kept dry at any cost. If
the idols are come in touch of water, not only the paints damage, the
whole idol may be cancelled. Therefore, the artists of Kumortuli are
painting the idols by adopting special care.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Celebrate Rakhi-Bandhan (Raksha Bandhan)

Today is Rakhi-Bandhan or Raksha Bandhan celebration accross the
country. It is the festival of love, blessings, unity and
relationship. In the year 1905, during the movement of partition,
Rabindranath Tagore took part in the movement and campaigned against
the partition of Bengal by celebration of Rakhi-Bandhan utsav and his
song in the praise of Bengal "Banglar mati banglar jol... "

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Friday, August 8, 2014

22 Shravan - 73rd Death Anniversary Of Rabindranath Tagore

According to Bangla calendar, today is 22 Shravan - 73rd death
anniversary of the great poet Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941). The
first picture is of the poet, situated at Jorasanko Thakurbari. And
the last three pictures are of the room at Jorasanko Thakurbari, where
the poet breathed his lasts.

The nation is paying homage to Tagore today.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Busy Streets Near Sealdah Station

The area near Sealdah station has very busy crossing points in the city #Kolkata
#photo #photography #streetphotography

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Uttam-Suchitra Film Festival At Nandan

On the occasion of 35th death anniversary of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar, a
film festival has been organised by Shilpi Sangsad. According to the
organiser, when Shilpi Sangsad was established, Mahanayika Suchitra
Sent too patronised it. And as she is no more, the organiser decided
to organise Uttam-Suchitra film festival to pay homage to Suchitra Sen
14 films would be screened at Nandan-1 from 24 July to 30 July, 2014.

Date: (3 pm). (6 pm)

24/07/14: Sare Chuattar Indrani

25/07/14: Sagarika. Sabar Upare

26/07/14: Alo Aamar Alo. Sadanander Mela

27/07/14: Surjo Toran Nabarag

28/07/14: Shap Mochan Sanjher Pradip

29/07/14: Harano Sur. Pathe Holo Deri

30/07/14: Saptapadi Agni Pariksha

Tickets: ₹30/-, ₹40/-, ₹50/- (At Hall from 18/07/14)

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Durga Puja - 100 Days To Go

Durga Puja - the greatest festival of Bengal is just 100 days to go.
So, the artists of Kumortuli are busy to make 'kathamo' (structure) of
Devi Durga by dried hay and bamboos.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

200 Mts Long Flags Of Brazil & Argentina In North Kolkata

While south Kolkata is crazy about the wins of Brazil and Argentina,
north Kolkata is not lagging behind - 200 Mts long flags of Brazil and
Argentina are showing now the craze of traditional football lovers of
old Kolkata too.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Argentina! Argentina!! Argentina!!!

Argentina vs Bosnia match just 5 & half hours to go - Kolkata is very
enthusiastic about the first match of Argentina in the world cup. The
walls of south Kolkata are now colourful with the hero of Argentina.
The supporters of Argentina in Kolkata are sure that their favourite
team will win tonight.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Brazil To Lake Pally : Theme Of Durga Puja 2014

Kolkata is reeling under World Cup fever. And Brazil is the most
favourite team of Kolkatans ever. So, organisers of Durga Puja are not
lagging behind. On this 57th year's puja of Santoshpur Lake Pally,
Country Brazil is the theme and their slogan is - "Brazil to Lake
Pally". Their theme of puja is centered by Brazil, it is true, but
direct Rio carnival or Samba is not here, but, the amalgamation of
Indian culture and Brazilian culture is the main theme. Sands of
Indonesia, and other materials of pandal will be imported from Mumbasa
of Keniya and Mexico. At the first phase, materials of pandal have
come from Sao Paolo between 1-4 June. A piece of Brazil would be seen
in the pandal of this year's Durga Puja of Santoshpur Lake Pally.

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World Cup Special Sweets In Kolkata

Nalin Chandra Das & Sons - the famous sweet shop of Kolkata has
prepared special big size sweets in the shape of world cup, balls and
flags. They used colours which are eco-friendly.

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