Monday, August 1, 2011

Kajuo Ajuma Of Japan - Also Of India

The legendary Prof
Kajuo Ajuma of Japan passed away last Thursday in Tokyo. He
loved India and himself was a specialist on Rabindranath Tagore. Major
part of his 80 years he passed to cultivate India. And lion's share
of that major part was occupied Tagore. He was dedicated to spread
Tagore culture in Japan. And it was rare in world history.
Shantiniketan was his second land. To cultivate Japanese culture and
literature, he established 'Nippon Bhavan' at Viswabharati and
India-Japan cultural centre 'Rabindra-Okakura Bhavan' in Kolkata.
Rabindranath was his north star till the end of his life. A few years
ago, he told in Kolkata in clear Bengali that, he was admirer of
Bangla and Bengalee. And this admiration was grew centering
Rabindranath. In his opinion, Tagore was not only for Bengalees, but
for the entire world. Japanese reverence for Tagore is like Goutam
Buddha. These two noble person enriched the cultural and spiritual
fields of Japan. Ajuma translated the entire literary works of Tagore
in Japanese. During the year 1967 and 1971 he taught Japanese language
and literature at Viswabharati. He was the recipient of the highest
honour of Viswabharati - 'Deshikottam' and received the Rabindra Award from the
government of West Bengal. But he always used to recognise the
heartfelt love and reverence of Bengalee's paid to him. --
A. B.

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