Sunday, December 31, 2017

What's In A Name?

But name is much more than imagination, in fact, take some examples of Kolkata's famous places which are no longer exist. Metro cinema -

One of the oldest and popular cinema hall of the city. It was famous not only for the Hollywood movies, especially for MGM productions, but, it was the rendezvous of lovers and other people - they used to meet under the shed of Metro cinema (as shown in the pic). It remained popular for many decades, not only for the  Kolkatans, but for the cine-goers of suburbs. They loved shows of old Hollywood movies in Metro. But now, this famous hall is being is now matter of some more time when one can see only ruins of this old cinema hall. But we believe, it will still be the rendezvous of young lovers and others, the bus conductor will still call 'Metro stoppage'.

            'Ujjwala' - another cinema hall of south Kolkata - which is no more. It was famous for release of Bengali movies. Uttam Kumar's 'Amanush' movie was running here for more than a year successfully. The hall is no more, but it remained 'Ujjwala' bus stop for conductors and famous 'Ujjwala' chanachur (snacks) still selling on opposite footpath.

              'Jyoti' was another popular cinema hall of central Kolkata. It was situated on Lenin Sarani (erstwhile Dharmatala Street). It was closed few decades ago for financial loss. But, in October 2006 a major fire broke out and the house entierly incinerated. But still, bus-tram conductors call it 'Jyoti stoppage'. 

              'Lotus' was another famous cinema hall of central Kolkata which is no more. But still, bus passengers tell the conductor, "Lotus nambo" (I will get down at Lotus).

                'Delhi Dhaba' was famous and popular dhaba restaurant on C R Avenue, which is no more. But still, someone tell his bosom friend "Let's go to Delhi Dhaba".

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