Thursday, October 12, 2017

House Of Sister Nivedita Will Open Soon

Ramkrishna Sarada Mission has completed the renovation work of Sister Nivedita's house at 16A, Bose Para Lane. It is the heritage building which the State Government has taken four years ago and handed over to Ramkrishna Sarada Mission for renovation work. The said house is situated on about 5 kathas of land. The house is renovated in such a way that the rooms remained same as they were used by Sister Nivedita years ago.

A museum is being formed there inside the house where the books, things, furniture used by Sister Nivedita will be exhibited for all. Moreover, many information, photos of Sister will be placed there. So many past events occurred in the life of Sister Nivedita will become real by audio-visual effects. On the day of inauguration, a compilation book on life & works of Sister Nivedita will be published there. Moreover, a book on preservation of the house will be published there too.

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