Friday, December 2, 2016

Goddess Kali At House Of Ramsundar Mitra At Chor Bagan

            Raja Ramram Mitra was Diwan of Nawab of Murshidabad. He belonged to Dakshin Raarh Kayastha (দক্ষিণ রাঢ় কায়স্থ) community and Mitra family of Konnagar, Hooghly. Once, he came to Gobindapur (now Kolkata) from Murshidabad and had started living here. Ayoddharam was Ramram's son. Their family became prosperous during the time of Ayoddharam. After the War of Plassey, he had to construct residence at Mechobazar (মেছোবাজার) because his earlier residential area was occupied by British to erect new fort (Fort William) there. Ayoddharam had two sons - Kriparam & Jagannath. During the time of property division - Kriparam went to Shunra (শুঁরা) which is now under Beleghata-Phulbagan area (Raja Rajendralal Mitra was the descendant of Kriparam) and Jagannath stayed in his ancestral house. Jagannath's son Ramsundar Mitra (খ্যাদা রাম মিত্র) constructed the palace-like house at 84, Muktaram Babu Street of Chor Bagan. Once that big house was affected by earthquake. Then, it was re-built by famous 'Mackintosh Burn & Co.' The house has two entrances - one in the north on Muktaram Babu Street and the other in east on Mitra Lane. Both the entrances have two separate Thakurdalan (ঠাকুরদালান). The "Neelav Muktakeshi" (নীলাভ মুক্তকেশী) Kali Puja is being done here across those Thakurdalans.

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