Thursday, December 1, 2016

Goddess Kali At House Of Jagatram Dutta At Hatkhola

            Jagatram Dutta was Diwan of import-export division of East India Company's Patna warehouse. He was the grandson of architect Ramchandra Dutta of Hatkhola area in Kolkata. Jagatram built a big mansion at 78, Nimtala Ghat Street after leaving his ancestral house in the year 1785 approximately. As per the custom of that time, Jagatram too initiated Durga and Kali Puja in his own house at Hatkhola. The mansion was very remarkable as a beautiful architecture, but now it is in dilapidated condition for want of proper maintenance. The conditions of walls and ceilings of Thakurdalan (ঠাকুরদালান) are very poor. The walls and ceilings are cracked, even the beams of ceilings are in extremely bad condition. Rain water drops through the cracked ceiling of roof and as a result, the walls became damped, deformed and the parget by plaster on walls are damaged. They usually cover the damaged portions by curtains during puja and other festivals. Goddess Kali is here as Dakshina Kali (দক্ষিনাকালী). They observe the family custom of sacrifice of Kheer Doll (ক্ষীরের পুতুল) made by the priest.

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