Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goddess Kali Of Mitra Bari At Nilmani Mitra Street

                Jagannath Prasad Mitra was the founder of Dorji Para Mitra family. He belonged to Dakshin Raarh Kayastha (দক্ষিণ রাঢ় কায়স্থ) community. Jagannath came to Sutanuti area (now Kolkata) from Ariadaha in search of fortune. His grandson Durgacharan was the 'Court Jeweller' of Nawab Siraj-ud-doula. Besides, he was engaged in several business and had Dewani of Salt. Nilmani Mitra - nephew of Durgacharan was also an honourable person at that time. Prankrishna Mitra - grandson of Nilmani Mitra once made an idol of goddess Kali in his childhood. But by error, he set the left foot (instead of right) of goddess Kali on the chest of lord Shiva. Since then, the family worshipping goddess Kali by keeping the error of Prankrishna made while making the idol. One of the main feature of this family is offering (নৈবেদ্য) butter to goddess Kali by this way: at first, they put a decorated big banana leaf on a big brass container (থালা) and a banana leaf, betel leaf use to put on it. On the basis of that, the design of butter use to create there. The design looks like a temple. They offer candy (মিছরি) along with. And another feature of this Kali Puja is: they garland goddess Kali with 108 nos of Aparajita flowers, instead of China rose.

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