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Monday, November 28, 2016

Dakshina Kali At The House Of Tarak Pramanick

                Gurucharan Pramanick was one of the bell and brass metal traders of Bengal and belonged to coppersmith community. He came to Kolkata from Sahagunge of Hooghly district in the first half of eighteenth century and constructed a residential house at Chorbagan-Kansaripara area of central Kolkata. Later, his son Tarak Pramanick was able to flourish the business manifold. He established a dock named Caledonic too in Howrah. Their family is now not in the trade of bell and brass metal, but, the custom of worshipping weight and weighing machine on day after Kali Puja is still in vogue in Pramanick family residing at 154, Tarak Pramanick Road. By the effort of Gurucharan and his son Tarak, - Rathyatra, Raas and Janmastami festival were used to observe by the family. Later, Kali Puja and Durga Puja too included in the list. They worship goddess Kali according to Kalika Puran. The image of scorpion is painted on the left foot of goddess Kali here. They never offer 'annabhog' (অন্নভোগ) to goddess Kali. After the ceremony of anointing the eyes of idol at the time of consecration, Aparajita and China rose flowers 1400 nos each use to offer to goddess Kali. At night, Kumari Puja is use to perform. Once upon a time, after Amabasya, on the day of Pratipad, the family used to worship each and every weight (বাটখারা) of business and then a baby goat used to sacrifice there. But now, the sacrifice is completely forbidden.

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