Monday, October 3, 2016

Preparation Of Durga Puja Theme Of Shivmandir And Agrani

On this 80th year, Shivmandir adopted the theme "চৌখুপি" (square). Catchline - "বাঁধা গতে জীবনের চৌকাঠ" and the theme-maker is Bimal Samanta. The puja pandal is being furnished with ladle (হাতা), tray (বারকোশ), comb (চিরুনি), bat, wicket, clog (খড়ম), etc. wooden stuffs. The theme-maker explained: our home, bed, mosquito net (মশারি) - everything is square. Living within this square, we feel secured. Hence, the theme of this puja pandal is 'square' too. The idol of Debi Durga is made of wood. So, this idol will not immerse.

     Chetla Agrani is preparing the theme: যোগসাধনা (Pursuit of Yoga). And the catchline is: "বিন্দু জ্ঞানে সিন্ধু পাড়ি, সাত সাগরের এক তরণী"। Bhaluka, Jati and Bijuli - three type of Assamees bamboo would be the main element of pandal. The big image of Lord Shiva will be on the gateway of pandal which is made of bamboo. It will looks like 3D image made by CG. The 'Kosha' (কোষা) in front of Shiva would be made of wood. Beginning from the cycle of 'মূলাধার' (Muladhar) to end at 'সহস্রার' (Sahasrar) compared as Seven Seas.

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