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Friday, September 2, 2016

'Sahaj Parab' - Folk Culture Festival

'Sahaj Parab' is being organised from 2nd September, 2016 to 4th September, 2016 at Nazrul Mancha, Kolkata in collaboration with Lopamudra Productions and Dohar. This year, the 'Parab' will pay homage to Baul Shah Abdul Karim to mark his birth centenary. His songs had tried to tie the two Bangla in one thread. Hence, the folk artists of Bangladesh may participate here too. On the first day, folk singer of Bangladesh and disciple of Abdul Karim - Jamaluddin Hasan Banna will perform songs. Besides, folk singer Anima Mukti and folk band "Jaler Gaan" of Bangladesh will entertain the audience. The veterans of India will participate here too. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma will play santoor after inauguration. A documentary film on santoor, made by Pandit Shiv Kumar  Sharma will also be shown here today. On 3 September, renowned singer Shubha Mudgal will perform on stage. She will sing sant bhajan, Doha of Kabir etc. Kabiyal Asim Sarkar will perform 'Kabi gaan' on that day. On the last day, i.e. on 4th September, Wadali Brothers (Puranchand Wadali & Pyarelal Wadali) will perform Sufi songs. Folk singers of Bengal will perform here too. The items are - Baul-Fakiri songs, play of Dhak-Dhol, Srikhol etc. And the special renditions are 'Shamshan dance' (the dance of burning ghat), Maruni and Beni Putul - the folk dance of Uttar Bangla. Moreover, an exhibition on techniques of Bengal's "Alpana" will also held here. Exhibition of traditional paintings would also be an attraction here like previous years.

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