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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Exhibition, Seminar & Fair On Durga Puja

Preparation of Durga Puja is progressing everywhere. The blue sky of Bengali season 'Sharat' (শরৎ) has black clouds too. So, all are waiting for the weather forecast of Alipore weather office. But already puja committees of the city have taken the measure to tackle the rush of viewers during Durga Puja. Every year, some unusual events and functions take place on this occasion. This year too, some functions will held in the city. Indian Museum of Kolkata has rich collection of masks from all over the world. This gallery was remain closed for several months due to renovation. Now, it is opened for all. On 27th September'16 it was opened again with some programmes for all day long. The gallery has masks of various god & goddesses of India along with masks of 'Chou' and 'Gambhira' (the folk dance). The inaugural function comprised of workshop for students who exhibited the making of 'Chou' & 'Gambhira' (ছৌ এবং গম্ভীরা) masks. Exhibition of paintings on Debi Durga will be run at Arabinda Ashram of Theatre Road - drawing, painting and sculpture of Debi Durga by various artists would be there upto 15th October'16. Paintings on Durga will also be shown at Gurusaday Museum from 30th September to 16th October'16. On 28th September, a seminar on 'Durga' will be held at Calcutta Art College. On the other hand, ex-director of Indian Museum Sri Shyamal Kanti Chakraborty will deliver speech on the subject "দুর্গামূর্তি চিন্তায় বাঙালিয়ানা" (The Bengalee mood making idols of Debi Durga) at Bidhannagar. Sovabazar Moitree Sangha has an event on Durga on 5th October. A local fair of handicrafts is running at the ground of Town School, Hatibagan from 27th to 28th September'16.

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