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Friday, August 26, 2016

Mother Teresa Film Festival

In the year 1910, on this day, Mother Teresa was born. Mother Teresa and Kolkata or Calcutta are two names, but synonym owing to the service Mother rendered till death. To acknowledge this, a film festival on the work and life of Mother Teresa is being held at Nandan from 26th August'16 to 29th August'16. "The Fifth Word" - the first ever made animated biography film on Mother will be shown here. Apart from India - USA, England, Japan, Canada, France and Spain will share films in this festival. World premier of three new films on Mother Teresa, i.e., "Mother Teresa and Me", "Love Till It Hurts MT", and "Unexpected Encounter" will be shown on the first day. "Something Beautiful For God" (the first film made by BBC on Mother), "Mother Teresa", "Madre Teresa", "Nirmal Hridoy - Home Of The Pure Heart", "In The Name Of God's", "Poor" (Jeraldine Chaplin acted in this film, directed by Dominique Lapierre),

"Mother Teresa - The Legacy", "MT And Her World", "The Making Of A Saint", "Missionaries Of Charity", "Revelation In Kolkata", "My Karma" (Arjun Chakraborty and Moonmoon Sen acted in this film, directed by Korak Dey), "Mother Of The Universe", "Precious Love", "Seeing The Face Of Jesus", "The Living Legend", "From Saint To Sainthood", "A Call Within A Call", "All For God's Love", "The Letters" are the films to be shown in the festival. Several films among them are to be screened for the first time in the city. Not only that, some directors of these films will present in the festival to share their experiences. Pass for all, free of cost, will be distributed from Archbishop's house at Park Street (10am-7pm). The festival is being organised in collaboration with The Missionaries Of Charity, The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Calcutta, Nandan, CRS and Signis. 

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