Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Happy 85th Birthday Madam Suchitra Sen

Today's the 85th birthday of Suchitra Sen - the legendary actress who
departed us years ago. But still her presence is ensured by her
acting in Bengali as well as in Hindi films. When I was a kid, I used
to go cinema halls with my mother to watch 'Shilpi' or 'Sabar Upare'
devoid of any bias or admiration. It was simply a matter of
astonishment to me as the magic of silver screen made me spellbound. I
never knew who was Suchitra Sen, what was the definition of acting etc
etc. But, her presence was so impressive to me so far as I remember.
Gradually, I became adolescent and as a school-goer I used to pay more
attention to watch movies than my studies, surreptitiously. By course
of time, I became fan of Suchitra Sen. She was the ideal heroine in my
eyes. I already watched her superhit movies like Sare Chuattar,
Shilpi, Agni Pariksha, Indrani, Pathe Holo Deri, Sabar Upare, Ekti
Raat, Chaoa Paoa, Saptapadi, Saat Pake Bandha, Uttar Phalguni, Deep
Jele Jai etc.

By this time of school life, I was curious too to know about the
personal life of Suchitra Sen and her behaviour on the set. So, I
started to read 'Ultorath' and 'Prasad' - the two popular magazines
about Bengali cinema. I came to know that Madam Suchitra was very
fun-loving person, always used to deliver jokes to co-artists and
technicians on the set. She was very glamour conscious too which was
quite natural. Gradually she became the most glamorous star heroine of
that time, Her pair with Uttam Kumar became a legend. I still prefer
to watch 'Saptapadi' on TV instead of 'Smriti tuku thak' or 'Kancher
Swarga' where Suchitra's acting was superb but the romantic pair
Uttam-Suchitra was awesome.

When she quit cinema and never appeared publicly (except a few), I
treasured her youth within and was never curious to see the aged image
of Suchitra Sen. She was my only star heroine and will ever my only
star heroine.

A. B.

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