Friday, March 11, 2016

Buddhist Art Exhibition In The City

The samples of Buddhist art of different periods were collected from
various sources in Indian Museum. These treasure of art-work is matter
of great interest to the art lovers of this universe. Amongst these
art-work, some are publicly shown at museum, but a major portion is
still being preserved outside the public view. In the year 2013, it
was decided that some of those art-work would be exhibited in some
places of foreign countries. As per decision, total 91 pieces of
art-work have been chosen to set an exhibition. Sculptures and
manuscripts were included within it. This exhibition was performed in
China, Japan and Singapore from September'13 to December'15. Then it
came to the National Museum of New Delhi. The exhibition named 'Indian
Buddhist Art' has been created sensation in foreign countries. Now, it
is the opportunity of art lovers of Kolkata to watch this exhibition.
This exhibition was inaugurated at Bronze Gallery of Indian Museum in
Kolkata by Padmabhusan Dr. Saroj Ghosh on 2nd February last on the
occasion of 202 Foundation day of it. This exhibition will run till
31st March'16 and it will remain open from 10am to 4:30pm everyday,
except Monday. The life of Lord Buddha depicted the 'vani' of
"Astangik Marg" (অষ্টাঙ্গিক মার্গ) - which is the way of 'Moksh'.
Various symbols were adopted in ancient time to depict this 'vani'.
Not only the statues of Buddha, but 'Dharma Chakra', 'Bodhi Briksh',
'Stupa', 'Aadhar', and 'Chhatra' or 'Pad Chinha' (the footprints) are
also symbol of purity among the Buddhists. The story of Buddha's life
or Mural was also depicted in 'Buddha-stupa', 'Toran', 'Karnish', or
'Wall', 'Railing' as there in the wall paintings of Ajanta. The
instances of this kind of art could also be seen at Bharhoot, Buddha
Gaya, Sanchi and Mathura. But, the art critics think that the style of
art developed during Gandhar and Kushan Age was the best in

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