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Monday, January 25, 2016

Bronze Statues Found At Mogolmari

A good numbers of bronze statues of Buddhist god & goddesses have
been found by excavation at Mogolmari Buddhist Bihar. The third phase
of excavation was started from 11th January'16 there. And many bronze
statues of Gupta period have been found including the statues of Tara,
Abalokiteswar, Saraswati etc. The statues are about 10-43 cm high. The
state Archaeological deptt. will examine the statues in laboratory.

Mogolmari is a place of Dantan block of Paschim Medinipur. Since
2013, excavation work is going on at Mogolmari in a phased way. The
Buddhist Bihar has been found there which is now under conservation.
But the excavation is still going on. And as a result, so many bronze
statues have been found which is a great success of state
Archaeological deptt. When the central power of Gupta dynasty was
weakening, local zaminders emerged as strongest power and at that
time, this vast area was formed as Buddhist Bihar.

A Buddhist festival has been arranged there at Mogolmari from 24 to
26 January'16 where some of these archaeological contents found
recently are being exhibited for the visitors. A documentary film on
Mogolmari by director Goutam Ghosh will also be screened in the fair.

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