Sunday, September 6, 2015

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Transmission Of Radio Kolkata 'ক'

Akashvani Bhavan Kolkata - the witness of many ups & downs of changing
times, people contributed their efforts and love for the transmission
of Radio Kolkata and changing technologies responsible for the
enhancement of quality of transmission of a regional transmission
centre like Kolkata. When people used to avoid listening radio, FM
channels came to save radio - people again have started listening
radio gradually. Now, FM radio is unavoidable. But, the traditional
basic channels were getting neglected. The transmission of Kolkata 'ক'
('A') in medium wave was very poor and so less-attended by the
recognised listeners. A few years ago, the information & broadcasting
ministry has decided that the main radio centres of the country will
become under Digital Radio Mondiale or DRM for distinct sound quality.
It is now a matter of pride and happiness that the transmission of
Radio Kolkata 'ক' will become digital from 8 September, 2015 and the
CEO of Prasar Bharati - Sri Jahar Sarkar will inaugurate the digital
transmission at 2 pm on 8th next. The venue is Satyajit Roy Auditorium
of ICCR. After the inauguration, the transmission of Radio Kolkata 'ক'
will be quite distinct even from the remote corner of the state. In
our country, most of the people have analogue radio, and keeping in
view this fact, distinct sound of Kolkata 'ক' can be heard on analogue
radios too.

A. B.

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