Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Birthday To Kadambari Devi

Kadambari Devi - 'Natun Bouthhan' of Rabindranath Tagore was born on
5th July, 1859 at Jorasanko and married too on 5th July but in the
year 1868 at the age of 9 to Jyoti dada of Rabindranath.

Kadambari Devi was born in the Tagore family but she was
incidentally not among the residents of 'andar mahal' of Jorasanko
Tagore house. She brought up in the outer house with his father
Shyamlal Ganguly who was one of the 'bazar sarkar' of Tagore family.
Debendranath - father of Jyoti dada chosen her as daughter-in-law
when Kadambari was only nine years old. It was also 5th July, 1868 -
Kadambari married to Jyoti dada of Rabindranath - entered into a new
life. But, unfortunately, her place in the andar mahal of Tagore
family was unwanted, neglected and humiliating. Jyotirindranath never
accepted her as wife and tried to avert. So, we may come to the
conclusion that Kadambari Devi's childhood was not so colourful yet
enjoyed by her, but the hopelessness of marriage life brought her to
the conclusion that quitting this mundane world is the best remedy for
her to get rid of those implied negligence, humiliation and

The only oasis of her life was the poetic friendliness of
Rabindranath who was about two year's younger than her. After 12
year's unfruitful married life, Kadambari Devi was so depressed that
she attempted to commit suicide. At that time, she survived. But, when
the negligence and loneliness increased, she attempted to commit
suicide again and the unsuccessful married life of 16 years came to an
end. A beautiful life of only 25 years, stopped forever.

Kadambari Devi was apparently unsatisfied, but, Rabindranath
always tried to please her with songs, poems and company. Hundreds of
pleasant afternoon and sweet evening they passed with so many memories
left. Rabindranath have created the poems of "Shoishab Sangeet"
sitting beside her... Kadambari Devi used to fulfil her lonely life
with the fragrance of Rabindranath's friendliness.

She is no more 130 years passed, but she is still with us within
the soul of thousands of songs of Rabindranath and will be there
forever. Rabindranath always tried to make her happy by his poems and
songs... so, we can say still "Happy Birthday To Kadambari Devi".

A. B.

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