Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bengali New Year 1422

Today is Poila Boishakh - the 1st day of new Bengali calendar year
1422, when the devotees and traders went to Kali temple of
Dakshineswar and Kalighat early in the morning to worship goddess Kali
and lord Ganesha for the inception of new account of the new year to
run their businesses smoothly. In the evening, the head of the
households would go to the jewellery shops to clear their dues
accompanied by childrens. The shop owner will welcome them with orange
squash or lemon juice, along with sweets and snacks. The new printed
Bengali calendar is the other main gift from the trader to the
consumer, a matter of great curiosity for the whole family especially
for the children, they eagerly wait to see who is the god/goddess
printed on the calendar this year. Various cultural programmes are
organised on this occasion by local clubs. Muhurat of new Bengali
cinema and jatra was the traditional events of this day. 'Adda' was
the additional attraction of Bengalee on Poila Boishakh. It is still a
major part of TV channels for this day. As a whole, Poila Boishakh of
new Bengali year is not only an auspicious day, it is the day to
regain the old but valuable heritage and tradition of Bengal.

A. B.

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