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Monday, January 5, 2015

Bengali Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Conference

14 years ago Wikipedia was formed to serve information to the world.
The effort was to establish open encyclopedia. And so, thousands of
articles were included here within one month. Later, effort has been
done to create vernacular website and to fulfil this aim, gradually
various languages have been included in the service. Now, more than 40
crore people use Wikipedia every month. The world-wide Wikimedia
Foundation conduct this gigantic task. One can now find Wikipedia in
270 languages and more than one crore forty lakh articles have been
included in the site. The Bengali version of Wikipedia was started in
January, 2004 ( and more than 33 thousand
articles have been included in this site. The number of registered
users are 74 thousand. Bengali Wikipedia has completed 10 years on
this January. On this occasion, 2-day long international seminar will
be held at Jadavpur University on 9-10 January, 2014 (10-5 pm) to
register one can go at

Photography competition, photo walk and article writing competition
will be held here too.

A. B.

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