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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Vividh Bharati Kolkata Now On Mobile Phone Too

In the year 1957, the popular radio channel Vividh Bharati was started
first in Mumbai and then in Chennai to entertain the listeners by
light music. It was the first revolution in the history of radio
programmes in India. The conventional conservative approach of radio
was being broken to pave the way of entry of light music, especially
Hindi film songs and basic records. Radio Cylon was the then most
popular choice of common listeners who were hungry of film songs.
Hence, Vividh Bharati was created where listeners could listen film
songs as well as songs of basic records, light instrumental music,
short sketches, dramas, jokes, film soundtracks etc. In the 70s,
advertisements and later sponsored programmes had been introduced as
all India basis. Later, Vividh Bharati channels were being set up in
every major cities of the country. Vividh Bharati Kolkata was also
very popular till the onset of FM channels. And the loss of popularly
of Vividh Bharati was due to low power transmitter. Kolkata Vividh
Bharati was started its journey on 15 August, 1960. And since then,
its range of transmission was limited to Kolkata and its nearest
districts by only two 10 KW MW transmitters.

But now, the scene has been changed - Vividh Bharati Kolkata has
passed 50 years. And so, they decided to reach again to the listeners
once they had. Vividh Bharati Kolkata will now come on FM band too. By
adopting high power transmitter, Vividh Bharati Kolkata will broadcast
their programmes on FM band too for 15 hours and 20 minutes daily. It
can be heard from two 24-Pgs, Howrah, Hooghly, South Nadia, Purba
Medinipur and 25% of Bardhaman area alongwith Kolkata. The
inauguration programme of this new transmitter will be held on 26
December, 2014 at 3 pm at Akashvani Bhavan, Kolkata.

A. B.

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BADBOY said...

Why not Paschim Medinipur?