Monday, December 29, 2014

Migratory Birds At Santragachi Lake

I visited Santragachi lake on 26 December, 2014 to observe the
migratory birds there. I found large numbers of Lesser Whistling Ducks
there, but not found the other species of migratory birds which used
to a common scene even a few years ago. I didn't know the reason of
it, but, pollution on the left side of the lake may be the reason for
the birds to avoid this lake. Although 'no plastic zone' has been
notified by the Forest Department, local garbages are being thrown on
the other side of fence which might pollute water. So many high-rise
residential houses are there on the left side, just near the lake.
Hence, the left side is much more polluted than the right side.
Therefore, the visitors are being compelled to capture photos of local
birds like egrets, herons, water-fowl, moorhens, kingfishers,
bee-eater, hummingbird etc. Mass awareness against pollution is the
need of the hour which may save the lake and attract other migratory
birds too.

A. B.

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