Monday, December 15, 2014

Badshahi Aangti In Kolkata

Sandip Ray will present 'Badshahi Aangti' (The Royal Ring) on 19
December to all.

No no, it's not really a ring, but the latest Bangla feature film of
Sandip Ray which is releasing on 19 December.

It is the story of Satyajit Ray. It is the story of 'Feluda'. And the
first case of Feluda. It is also the first film of Abir Chatterjee as
Feluda. After the success of 'Feluda film' by Sabyasachi Chakraborty,
director Sandip Roy was looking for a new look who would be Feluda as
Sabyasachi was reluctant to play more as Feluda due to his age.
Although Abir was already a familiar face as 'Byomkesh', Sandip was
confident that Abir would be the right choice. So, he offered the role
of Feluda to Abir. And now, Sandip is satisfied with Abir.

The film is based on the soil of Lucknow - the city of Nawab's and
Badshah's. This first story of Feluda is a very interesting and
significant crime thriller in many ways which I think would be very
successful as a film by Sandip Ray.

A. B.

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