Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Yank's Memories Of Calcutta

Clyde Waddell was the chief photographer of Houston Press. He spent
some memorable days in Kolkata and during 1945-1946 he photographed
some valuable memories of then Calcutta which are now very precious
documents of about 70 year's old days. The socio-economic status of
the then citizens was depicted in these photos. He prepared an album
with 60 photos and named the album "A Yank's Memories Of Calcutta".
Some photos of this series are available on net, but most other photos
are not so known to all. For this reason, an exhibition named 'A
Yank's Memories Of Calcutta' is now running at Aakriti Art Gallery of
Hungerford Street. It'll run from 8 December, 2014 to 24 January, 2015
daily from 5pm to 8pm.

1) River Ganga from Howrah Bridge
2) View of the city
3) Hindustan Building
4) The corner junction of Harrison Road and Strand Road
5) Chowringhee Road towards south
6) Street view
7) The snake charmer
8) Street view
9) Shitalnath Jain temple
10) Kalighat Kali temple
11) Bathing near Kalighat temple
12) Female citizens near Jain temple
13) The mother on street
14) Marble Palace
15) Queue for kerosene oil
16) The dying woman on street
17) Newly built Howrah Bridge
18) The crowd outside Stock Exchange
19) Bathing ghat of River Ganga
20) The work at Calcutta Port
21) Outside Howrah station
22) The passengers waiting in Howrah station
23) ---Do---
24) Vendor near Howrah station
25) Hogg Market (New Market)
26) Street view
27) At work
28) Breakfast at footpath of Park Street
29) Vending at footpath
30) Putting cakes of cow dung
31) The paan vendor
32) Street barbers
33) Coconut market of College Street
34) The Washermen
35) Chowringhee Road near Maidan.
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