Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pallymangal Samity's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 55th year "মাতৃরূপেণ" is the theme of Pallymangal Samity,
Anwar Shah Road. At their Taltala ground, Theme-maker Samar Halder is
making the puja pandal in such a way that, the 'mother' form of
goddess Durga may expose by the special atmosphere to be created. The
elements of puja i.e. ghot, shankh, bells, lamps etc are being made by
pieces of bamboos, shola, clay, wood, iron, clothes etc. The main
mandap would be in the shape of 'gola' of paddy. The clay idol of Debi
Durga will be mainly traditional but would be represented as Mahalaxmi

A. B.

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