Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Netaji Sporting Club, Lake Town's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

The rural cottage industry of a remote village of Odisha is the theme
of Netaji Sporting Club, Lake Town. Raghurajpur is the village. And it
is very rich in folk art. So, the theme is "রং-এ রূপে রঘুরাজপুর"। In
the form of picture and paintings, various folk tales of Odisha would
be promoted here. The famous 'rath' or chariot would be there in front
of puja mandap. Moreover, so many dolls made of hay and peels of
coconut would be there. Bright colours will enchant the visitors here.
The idol of Debi Durga would be on the basis of 'pat' industry of
Odhisa. The village Raghurajpur is famous mainly for its 'Gotipura'
dance and 'pat' industry. Besides, tasar painting, musk, doll, paper
painting are also famous there. The craftsmanship of Durga mandir is
being depicted here very carefully.

A. B.

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