Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hatkhola Gosainpara Sarbojanin's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

'Tipni' industry or 'tepa' doll was the traditional clay culture,
rural cottage industry of south 24-Parganas.
Once upon a time, mothers used to solace childrens with these 'tepa'
dolls. Hatkhola Gosainpara Sarbojanin is trying to bring back those
days by adopting this theme. Thousands of black & white 'tepa' dolls
would be used to decorate the puja pandal. The puja mandap will be in
a form of thatched house as seen in remote villages. The idol of Debi
Durga will be made of clay, but the speciality is, two hands of Debi
Durga will hold weapons, but rest of the hands would be in the shape
of 'tepa' dolls.
A. B.

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