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Monday, September 15, 2014

Haridebpur Adarsha Samity's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 64th year, theme-maker Chand Ratan Halder is creating a piece
of "Beautiful Bengal" (রূপসী বাংলা) for Durga puja of Haridebpur
Adarsha Samity. The ground of samity is now simply a piece of rural
Bengal where all the vegetables are growing naturally, all the rural
trees of flowers are spreading fragrances, 12 thatched roof cottages
can be seen. Ma Durga is coming here like a common mother with four
children. Moreover, many fishes can be found here on artificial ponds.
Cattle, duck, poultry birds can be seen in the shades here. At night,
crickets, frogs may call here just like a typical village.

A. B.

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