Friday, September 5, 2014

Entally Padmapukur 20er Pally's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

On this 67th year, "ফুলের সাজে, ফুলের মাঝে" is the theme of Entally
Padmapukur 20er Pally Durga pujo. They're the pioneer of 'Nabadurga'
in West Bengal. Theme-maker Rintu Das is making the theme here mainly
with 'শিউলি' flowers of thermocole. Sanatan Paul of Kumortuli is
making the idol of Debi Durga as "ফুলেশ্বরী"- various flowers will
adorne Ma Durga.
On the ground, a gigantic leaf of lotus is being created, lakhs of
flowers will decorate the leaf, surrounded by green grass. ফুলের সাজে,
ফুলের মাঝে শিউলিফুলেশ্বরীOval shaped 50 ft high pandal would be
created. Debi Mahamaya will be seated on lotus. One lakh mirrors of 6
inches will be there inside the pandal. Small mirrors would also be
installed on the outside wall of pandal where scenery of Nature will
be reflected. The trees will be adorned by artificial Shiuli flowers.
The nearby houses would also be decorated by Shiuli flowers,
A. B.

"ফুলের সাজে, ফুলের মাঝে" শিউলি ফুলেশ্বরী

A. B.

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