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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Santoshpur Lake Pally's Theme Of 2014 Durga Puja

On this 57th year's Durga Puja, Santoshpur Lake Pally is adopting a
theme: "তিন ভাগ জল, এক ভাগ স্থল"। They've taken the venture to
decorate pandal by about 20 Lakhs transparent plastic glasses and huge
amount of costly seashells/oyster imported from foreign countries like
Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and from Rameswaram and
Kanya Kumari of India. Moreover, wool and fibre of vivid colour would
be used to decorate the pandal. তিভাভাস্থ

Sanjib Saha is the Theme-maker.

The pandal would be designed as wave would be of plastic
glasses, the other would be of wools, 3D effects would be there in the
pandals. The feelings of under water scenes of sea would be the main
attraction of this puja pandal. Parimal Pal of Kumortuli is the clay
artist. The ornaments of Debi Durga will be decorated by Sanjib Saha.
Precious pearls and oysters would be used to adorne Debi Durga.
Moreover, a pavilion would be there to exhibit hundreds of
oysters/seashells of rare species. In short, it would be a unique
experience to visit Santoshpur Lake Pally's Durga Puja this year.

A. B.

A. B.

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