Monday, August 25, 2014

Lake Gardens Peoples' Association's Theme 2014 Durga Puja

By installation art, Sri Dipak Ghosh is creating the theme of Lake
Gardens Peoples' Association's Durga Puja this year. He is working for
them for continuous 13 years. It is their pre-diamond jubillee year.
Dipak Ghosh is a renowned magician of thermocole. This year, his theme
is "ওঁ অগ্ন্যায় স্বাহা"। Agni or fire is the God of rituals perform
with fire (যজ্ঞ). And he conveys the presentations in ritual to heaven
- it is the faith of Hindus. In spite of 'Agni's ferocious image, he
is inevitable for common man. Agni is unavoidable for auspicious
and it has the power to cure diseases by remaining into the stomach.
Theme-maker Dipak Ghosh earlier created replica of Dilwara temple for
Jodhpur Park, Jaisalmer's Ludhruba temple for Lake Town
Adhibasibrinda, Tridhara Sammilani's "at the land of Rajasthan",
Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh for Suruchi Sangha etc.

Asis Ghosh - the artist from Shantiniketan is creating the idol of
Debi Durga at Bardhaman. The entire mandap will be created on the
basis of iron structure. The main elements are plywood, wooden batam
etc. Sri Dinesh Poddar will create the LED lamps lightings. On
entering the pandal, the visitors will hear the 'mantras' in prayer to
Agni. The tune of theme song, mysterious magic of LED lamps, crafts of
plywood - all the aspects will surely attract the viewers, they think.
A. B.

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