Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kashi Bose Lane's Theme Durga Puja 2014

On this 77th year, theme-maker Shib Shankar Das is creating the theme
"দেবীর মায়ায়, আলো-ছায়ায়" (seasonal change) for Kashi Bose Lane's Durga
Puja. The diversity of Nature, its vividness, minute changes...
pleasing... would be depicted in the theme. Sumantra Mukhopadhyay is
making the clay idol of Debi Durga. Rajasthani touch would be there on
the idol of Durga.

The puja will start here on the day of Mahalaya. 9 brahmins will read
'Chandi' and would perform 'yagna' (যজ্ঞ). On the day of 'Nabami' 56
items of ''bhog' will be presented to Ma Durga.

Kashi Bose Lane has already bagged about 250 nos. of prizes during
this 77 years. So, they hope, this year also they'd bag several

A. B.

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