Monday, August 18, 2014

'Badshahi Aangti' - A Film By Sandip Ray In Progress

Satyajit Ray shoot the long scene of train by creating a fake train
(the credit goes to art director Bangshi Chandra Gupta) for the film
"Nayak". Sandip Ray too adopted a fake train to shoot scenes of his
telefilm "Bakso Rahasya". But, this time, for the shooting of his new
feature film "Badshahi Aangti' Sandip Ray has taken the help of a real
train at Chitpur Rail Yard. Recently, some important scenes of this
film shoot inside a rail compartment there. "Baba Pabitrananda Swami"
of the story of this film boarded on the train with his followers. He
was in the same coach where Feluda (Aabir Chatterjee), Topse (Sourav),
Father of Topse (Dipankar Dey) and Mr. Srivastav (Bharat Kaul) were
present. It was Doon express and the train was suppose to go to
Hardwar from Lucknow. Fake sanyasi, real sanyasi, mysterious attache
case, the threat by the chit written "খুব হুঁশিয়ার", the missing of
Aurangzeb's ring - all the incidents made the journey more thrilling.

A. B.

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