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Monday, September 30, 2013

Theme Durga Puja 2013 Of Santoshpur

সের, পাই, পোয়া, ছটাক - the measures of ancient Bengal are now
obsolete. But the pot by which the measurement is being done, one can
see at the puja pandal of Santoshpur Trikon Park, beside Sukanta Setu.
Under the supervision of artist Supratim Karmakar, the folk artists of
village Lokpur, Khoirashol block of Birbhum district are creating the
said pots made of wood. Decoration of brass on the woods will depict
the art work of those measurement pots used once upon a time by the
housewives of Bengal. 500 kg brass would be used for this purpose at
the puja pandal.

Lake Pally is very near to Trikon Park. And the lake is being bloomed
by রক্তজবা। The pandal is being made in the form of red China rose
(রক্তজবা). Tuffet clothes is being used for this purpose on the wire.
The stalk of flower is the main entrance of puja pandal. But, not only
one flower, the visitors will witness a land of flowers in the main
pandal where, within the purview of effects of lights - vivid coloured
of flowers. The idol of debi Durga would also adorn with flowers.

Shyam Sangha of Shyama Pally will give honour to the rural folk
artists who remain neglected in the light of propaganda. Chou (ছৌ),
toys of woods (কাঠের পুতুল), masks of Gambhira (গম্ভীরা মুখোশ), sola
industry's (শোলার শিল্পের প্রদর্শনী) exhibition would be organised at
the yard of puja pandal.

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