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Old Temples Of Lord Shiva In Kolkata

According to the writings of Sister Nivedita, Swami Vivekananda had
immense respect for Lord Shiva. He always searched the inner sense of
Lord Shiva within women.

Lord Shiva is the foremost god of Hindus. For this reason,
Kolkata has many temples of Shiva. It was almost customary that
ancient rich and aristocrat families of the city must establish
temples of Lord Shiva either in their houses or on the bank of river
Ganga. In the year 1856, there were 24 temples of Lord Shiva and only
5 temples of goddess Kali in Kolkata.

At Alambazar, beside the bathing ghat, a rich man named Baranasi
Ghosh established 6 temples of Lord Shiva (pic no. 4) He built a big
house at Jorasanko. It was then Baranasi Ghosh Street, but now it is
known as Tarak Pramanik road.

At 59/1B, Bagbazar Street, a temple of Lord Shiva, about 150 year's
old, is there, which was made of 'atchala' style. In the year 1835,
this temple was built by Dr Prasanna Kumar Mitra (pic no. 13). He was
father of Jogin Ma - the disciple of Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa.
Sri Ramakrishna visited the temple on 28 July, 1885.

At 75/A, Bagbazar Street, a temple of 'Baba Buro Shiv' is there.
But it is belongs to the family of founder Priyadarshan Banerjee.

At 26/1, Durgacharan Mukherjee Street, Bagbazar, a temple of Lord
Shiva in 'dochala' style is there, which was built by Jagatram Halder
in the middle of 18th century.

At 6, Neogy Ghat Street, Bagbazar, a temple of 'Pataleswar Shiva' is there.

At 2/5, Banamali Sarkar Street of Kumortuli, a temple of Lord Shiva
named 'Baneswar temple' is there. It was made by Banamali Sarkar and
now dilapidated. But it is still a unique example of terracotta.

At 51, Nandaram Sen Street, a temple of Lord Shiva built in the
year 1661 is there. Nandaram Sen established it. The length of this
temple is 38 feet, breadth 31' 8" and height about 80 feet. This
temple has been depicted in the painting of Danniels "View On Chitpur
Road" in the year 1797. It is called 'Rameswar Shiva Temple'.

At 16, Md. Ramzan Lane, Nimtala, 'Durgeswar Shiv Mandir' is there,
which was built by Dutta family of Hatkhola in the year 1794 (pic no.
8). Length of this atchala mandir is 23' 6", breadth 28' 6" and height
about 50 feet. A gigantic Shiva linga is there on the garva griha
which is about 10 feet high. So, a wooden ladder is there to pour
water on the head of Shiva linga.

Bhootnath Shiv temple is there beside Nimtala burning ghat (pic no.
3). It was established in the year 1850.

At 25, Bagmari Road, Rameswarnath Shiva temple is there (pic no. 10).

At 2/1A Balaram Ghosh Street the Shiva mandir of Ghosh family is
there. It was established in the year 1888 by Dayamayee

Pic 2: Shiva rath mandir at Tarak Pramanik Road.
Pic 6: 70, Kailash Basu Street's Maheswar Thakur Shiv Mandir.
Pic 9: Twin Shiva temple at Bethune Row.
Pic 10: 25 Bagmari Road, Rameswar Shiva temple.
Pic 11: Temple of Shiva at Bagbazar ghat.
Pic 12: Twin Shiva temple at 509, Rabindra Sarani.

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