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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Traditional Dolls Of Bengal

The traditional dolls made of clay in Bengal are not only things for
play but being used for various purposes. Many communities place dolls
at their religious altar, and worship as gods. West Bengal is famous
for dolls of gods and goddesses, animals, warriors,
dolls of dancers and mere dolls to keep within showcase and to
decorate rooms. The places like Ghurni of Krishnanagar, Natungram and
Agradwip of Bardhaman, Pachmura and Rajgram of Bankura, Tarakeshwar of
Hooghly Joynagar Majilpur of South 24 Parganas, Kathalia of
Murshidabad, Bater bill of Nadia etc.are famous for dolls.
At first, the craftsmen used clay, woods and shola to make dolls.
Afterwards they learned how to make moulded dolls by brass, stone,
palm leaves, clothes, horns of buffaloes, tusk of elephants, bamboo,
bamboo-canes etc.

30 families of Chetla who are still busy with the making of dolls by
clay are from Varanasi. Similarly, 6 families of Kalighat also
inherited from U.P. and make dolls of clay. By this way, local
artisans of rural Bengal still have the profession of artists of

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