Saturday, April 27, 2013

Will You Go To ICE-LOUNGE This Summer?

Just beside Swabhumi, you can see the Ice Lounze. It has been opened
recently. All the amenities to get relief from hot summer has been
made here by special technology. The temperature inside is -11
degrees. The entire ice has been imported from Canada. The engineers
and technicians of Canada made the chair table sofa and ice curving.
It is matter of balance. Variance in temperature may fall you from bar
stool to floor due to melting of ice. But don't worry, the whole
system is being supported by three power back-up all the time. Once
you enter, the lounze assistant will come and a bill of Rs 1000/-
would be made for a mocktail. If you want another mocktail or
cocktail, then you have to pay more.

If you want more food, then you've to go to adjasent restaurant. You
have to wear eskimo dress there. It would be a thrilling feelings.
Besides, you've to wear gloves, gum boots too. Inside the restaurant,
you'll find various lights - candle-like lights also (winter-proof).
And chair, stool etc are crystalx-clear ice also. And they're fixed.

Oh noo! don't be seated. Let the lounze assistant spread soft woolen
sheet on the chair or sofa first. LED lights will be on. Soft music
will play. You can see Howrah Bridge on one side of the wall -
ice-curbed. Ice-taxi is beside it. A giant ice-peacock on another
wall. Ice-curbed Victoria Memorial on another wall - ideal for a snap!
In the meantime, the bartender will eager to know your favourite menu
- various mocktails would be there. And it'll serve on ice-glass. The
glasses are use-n-throw.

Ice-lounges are already there in Bengaluru, Mumbai & Delhi. Kolkata is
the new addition.In every big cities of the world, you can find
Ice-lounge. And the surveys reveal that Ice-loungees are more popular
than common restaurants.

Statutory warning: If you're suffering from waist or knee pain, and
tooth-ache, should not visit Ice-lounge. And do not enter with
children. It's cold. Very coIn

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