Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Programme Of Vasant Utsav 2013 At Shantiniketan

This year, the main programme of vasant utsav at Shantiniketan would
be held at Purbo Pally maath (the Poush Mela maath), instead of Ashram
maath. The function will start from morning till night when the dance
drama of Tagore - Shapmochan will be staged there at 7 pm. The 'Vasant
Bandana' would be performed at the Malancha house of Rabindranath
(Kinkar Udyan), on the eve of Dol Utsav.
Dol or Vasant Utsav will be held on 27 March.
Pic: Malancha house of Rabindranath.

A. B.

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