Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ganesh Pyne - The Painter

Ganesh Pyne - the veteran painter of Kolkata who always loved the
city, who loved to live in this city with all of its flavour, smell,
colour, and feelings, died on 12th of this month at the age of 76.
He was born in 1937 in Kolkata. After he passed Intermediate, his
family admitted him at art college as he had knack in paintings since
His excellence was in tempura and from water colour to bright colour -
the long path of his career as a painter was really worth watching.
He bagged many prizes from abroad also. And so many exhibitions of his
paintings attracted critics.
Light & shade was his speciality. He always searched immortality by
his paintings and thus a positiveness tangled with his paintings.
The painter lost his city. The city lost his painter.
The first picture is the funeral of the painter where a group of
painters followed his last journey. The second picture is the self
portrait of the late painter sketched in 1980. And rest 3 pictures are
the paintings of Ganesh Pyne.

A. B.

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