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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Famous Thakur Dalan's Of Old Kolkata

The rich and famous families or old Kolkata used to worship their
family god or goddess on the thakur dalan, specifically made with
altar there.
1) Thakur dalan of Madan Mohan Mitra 34/2, Ramdulal Sarkar Street.
2) Thakur Dalan of Jadulal Mullick of Pathuriaghata where Sri
Ramkrishna was arrived.
3) Bijoyradhaballav - the family god of Bankimchandra at his residence
of Kathalpara, Naihati.
4) Madan Mohan - the family idol of Gokul Mitra, Bagbazar.
5) Thakur Dalan of Sharat Chandra Mullick, Chorbagan.
6) Shamsundar temple of Birbhadra Goswami, founded in 1575 at Khardaha.
7) Idol of Madan Mohan Jeu at residence of Raghab Pandit - the
follower of Sri Chaitannya at Panihati.
8) Family god Narayan of Ramlochan Ghosh at Khelat Bhaban, 47,
Pathuriaghata Street.
9) Shamsundar - family idol of Bijaykrishna Goswami.
10) Gopinath Jeu
11) Thakur Dalan of Gopinath Jeu - Sovabazar Rajbati - 36, Raja
Nabakrishna Street.
12) Darbar Hall of Madan Mohan, Bagbazar.
13) Radhaballav temple, Kathalpara, Naihati.
14) 56, Durga Charan Mitra Street - the house of Bhar family.

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Mohana Das said...

Can you tell me more about the Bhar family of North Calcutta? I hear they were two branches of the family. Where was the second branch located?