Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Museum Of Sabarno Roychoudhury House At Barisha

The museum of Sabarno Roychoudhury at their 'Baro Bari' of Barisha
usually remains open throughout the year. But a special exhibition is
running now from 10-13th February 2013. They're paying homage this
year to Sri Sri Ma Sarada and Nati Binodini. The things used by Ma
Sarada are being exhibited there such as the flower of her dead body;
the 'amsattwa' (dried slice of mango) made by Ma Sarada etc.
Audio-visuals of Nati Binodini's songs; clips of her life are being
presented there. Moreover the the first postage stamp is being
exhibited there in ' Chitrarekha' section where silver coins of the
year 1835 and many paintings are being produced. 'Music Of India' -
the book written by William Jennes published in the years 1834; the
personal Tanpura (type of lyre) of Allauddin Khan; violin of theke
years 1721 and Ektara (the musical instrument consists of single
chord) of the year 1830 are also being exhibited there.

A. B.

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