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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Durga Puja : Theme Puja 2012 Of Santoshpur Lakepally

The lotus flower is the symbol of peace. And the organisers of
Santoshpur Lakepally Durga Puja are creating the puja pandal as the
model of Delhi's Lotus Temple. This 54 year's puja will see the
weapon-less idol of goddess Durga. Theme-maker Purnendu Dey is now
busy to creat this weapon-less temple with 30 creative artists and by
the elements of bamboo, wood, metals like bronz, brass, aluminum etc.
Lighting and colour would be the main factor of this peaceful puja.

A. B.

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kamal said...

"Durga Puja : Theme Puja 2012 Of Santoshpur Lakepally" is an excellent article.
thank you so much for sharing such a nice post.