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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kadambari Devi And Rabindranath

Kadambari Devi was the Bou-Thhan of Rabindranath - but only 2 years
older than the poet. She was born on 5 July, in the year 1859 and
wedded to Jyoti Dada of Rabindranath - Jyotirindranath Thakur - only
at the age of nine. She first stepped in the house of Jorasanko after
marriage, with her husband Jyotirindranath, on 5 July 1868, which was
also her birthday. Within her short span of life, she captured a
permanent place in the heart of young poet Tagore, which the famous
poet nurtured softly till his death. Bou-Thhan Kadambari was the
friend, philosopher & guide of adolescent Rabindranath. The poet used
to read the new poem before Bou-Thhan, and seek her advice/comments.
Kadambari was gladly accepted the job and inspired the poet to write
new poems. The evenings of summer days were used to decorate by the
starry sky and wet garlands of fresh jasmines. They used to spend the
evenings on the open roof-top; sometimes, Jyoti dada accompanied them.
By this way, a lonely bride (her husband used to busy with his
business) relieved by getting the accompaniment of a young boy who was
also a poet and singer. The affection of two innocent hearts reflected
later on the novel of Rabindranath - 'Nashtoneer' ('Charulata' movie
by Satyajit Ray), where Amal and his Charu Bou-Thhan carried infact
the affectionate relationship of Rabindranath and Kadambari Devi.

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Anonymous said...

can you please write subtlties about them,since he is from aristocratic background,why he felt so,of course he was a human but stil would like to know may be answer lies in his chilhood loneliness so he felt secured with her even in adulthood.

Asim Kumar said...

You're right. The loneliness of childhood, not had the scope to get in touch of mother - all these reasons may be responsible for the sought of accompaniment of the poet's bou-thhan. The relationship may be innocent but it was strong owing to sought of security.

nabanita santra said...
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nabanita santra said...

Its a amazing love story I ever seen. I have amazed..I got effected by this loveliness...Romance...Tragedy..This feelings should belongs in to every love- story..

Asim Kumar said...

Hmm you're right